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Audree is packed with a lot of subtle but powerful features

2 minute memory

Audree lets you record up to 120 seconds into the past. That's more than enough to catch everything that matters.


Audree's minimalistic design gives you an easy-to-use, distraction-free user interface.

Listening Screen
Battery optimized

In listening mode, Audree consumes as little energy as possible to give you the best battery life.


All recordings taken during one session stay together. On top, you can add tags and notes to recordings or organize sessions into groups.

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On or off the record?

Actually, both. But how can this be? Well, it's easy. While Audree carefully listens to everything you say, she only has a very short memory. Unless you tell her to, anything you said more than 2 minutes ago is forgotten.

Just let Audree listen to everything you say. Don't worry about awkwardness, privacy, space on your phone or having to sift through hours of recordings. Audree only records the important pieces when you tell her to.

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Nothing gets lost

Good ideas often come unannounced. Did you just come up with a brilliant slogan only to find out you're not able to repeat it on record? Did the guy on stage just say something you'd love to quote exactly and your memory fails you?

With Audree, you're never late. Just stay in the moment while she records the past. Simply tap the screen and up to 2 minutes of previous audio (plus as long as you hold the screen) get recorded.

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Re-play, tag and organize

Don't waste time/energy sifting through long recordings. Nobody likes the sound of their own voice anyway. With Audree, you can quickly go over the interesting pieces of the session and organize them using tags.

Set a reminder so that you don't forget to follow up.

Share individual recordings or the entire session with your colleagues.

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Have questions?
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So is Audree recording me or not?

No, she is not. Audree only has a “short term memory” of what’s been said. Nothing’s being permanently stored on your phone unless you explicitly start recording.

Without getting too technical - Audree uses something called “circular buffer”, which is really just an endless two-minute loop. So after two minutes, stuff gets overwritten.

Why can’t I record phone calls?

Apple does not let third party applications listen to your phone calls. Therefore, we have no way of tapping into any of your calls.

What about battery life?

Leaving your phone on during an entire meeting obviously means your battery will drain faster than in standby mode.

We are well aware of this and so Audree is internally optimized to use as little power as possible. Tests show that an hour-long session usually takes about 15% of your phone’s battery.

What is Discreet mode and why should I want it?

Discreet mode is a feature available in the Premium version. As the name suggests, you can turn it on when you’re explicitely going "off-record”, e.g. you’re about to say something that should not be recorded at all.

When in Discreet mode, Audree stops listening and forgets everything in her “short-term memory”.

In the free version, you can achieve similar effect by stopping the session and starting a new one. However, this will effectively create a new session.

Can I use my phone normally while Audree listens?

Absolutely. Audree will continue to listen in the background and will still be able to record stuff retroactively when told to.

Please note that in this case your iPhone will show a red status bar to indicate that the microphone is active. This is a system feature and is completely unrelated to Audree's blue/red disctinction of listening and recording.

Also make sure that you don't accidentally cover the phone's microphone while handling it :)


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